Russian startups & Asia Investors Day

Dear partners, we invite you to support our Asia Investors Day online-project. Within the framework of it, startups from different regions of Russia will present their projects for venture funds, accelerators, and investors from Asia countries and Russia. These startups are ready for both relocation and business partnership with Asia investors.

This will happen during the online event on 17/May/2022 organized by ITLEADERS.

We will be glad if you agree to become official partners of our project and will be able to disseminate information about it. Besides, we will appreciate it if your representatives take part at the event online on 17/May/2022, express their opinion on projects and ask questions to startups. It’s all free for you.

Here’s the brief information about the event:
• Up to 20 startups will have the opportunity to present their projects online.
• 10 funds and dozens of investors from Asia countries and Russia will listen to each other, provide advice, ask questions, and likely offer investment and cooperation opportunities!
• Russian startups will have an opportunity to prove themselves and receive international investments and partners, as well as test their projects’ relevance!

1. During the presentation of projects there will be simultaneous interpretation. Startups will be able to present their projects in Russian and the foreign partners will listen to their presentations in English.
2. Each project will have up to 10 minutes for presentation and up to 10 minutes for questions.
3. All partners and participants will get an offline catalog with project presentation materials according to the event results.
4. All partners and participants will respond to questionnaires, identify their priorities for projects, give feedback on each of them and even their contacts in case of interest. You will receive this information!

Registration of participants is open from 01/04/2022.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us by mail:


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